Here Luca, Tommaso and Eugenio are the 3 founders of Smartpricing. For several years we have worked in the management of hotel and non-hotel accommodation facilities. 

Several times we have noticed how the management and modification of prices was an activity that generates a double mood: on the one hand, bad mood (it stole a lot of precious time); on the other hand an incredible joy (it allowed us to increase profitability). 

It was from this dual state of mind that the idea of developing a software that would minimize moodiness and maximize joy was born: that is Smartpricing. 

A software that can analyze a considerable amount of data, work out the most profitable rate at all times and automate the publication in different platforms.

Fondatori Smartpricing: Luca Rodella, Tommaso Centonze e Eugenio Bancaro


Create the simplest and most intelligent pricing strategy and sales tools for small and medium-sized businesses. 


Made up of hospitality and numbers fanatics, the Smartpricing team is all about working together to help our clients increase room rates across all their properties—and having a good time while we do it!

luca rodella
Luca Rodella
CEO and co-founder
tommaso centonze
Tommaso Centonze
COO and co-founder
Eugenio bancaro
Eugenio Bancaro
CTO and co-founder
Alessio Zanut
Alessio Zanut
Alice Marmorini
Alice Marmorini
Amedeo Setti
Ana Morosini
Anastasiya Pityukina
Beatrice Soardi
Chiara Dello Russo
Claudia Ferrero
Damiano Mastrangioli
Davide Bulbarelli
Fabio Inzaghi
Fabrizio Carcillo Smartpricing
Fabrizio Carcillo
Fabrizio Rozzo
Federico Minini
Francesca Guarneri
Francesca Rossi
Gabriele Tomei
Giacomo Peroni
Giovanna Raciti
Giovanna Raciti
Giuliana Zavettieri
Grazia Olivieri
Grazia Olivieri
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Laetitia Billaud
Linda Ghezzi
Lisa Belli Smartpricing
Lisa Belli
Lorenzo Savasta Copywriter turistico
Lorenzo Savasta
Lorenzo Tempesti
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Manila Virga
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Martino Pugliese
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Valentina Brusco