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20 steps to writing the perfect hotel job ad

Everything you need to make your job ad effective (CHECKLIST).

Write better
Stand out
Attract talent

What you will find inside the checklist:

  • 1

    The basic structure

    The first requirement of an effective job ad is completeness. Here you will find the list of sections that should never be missing to ensure you receive applications that are in line with what you are looking for and make the whole selection process faster.

  • 2

    The "extra touch"

    To attract the attention of top talent, your ad must stand out among all the others. Here you'll find tips on how to achieve this and offer candidates not only all the information about the role you're looking for, but also a taste of your approach to the job: polished, attentive, and punctual.

  • 3

    The right channels

    After writing the ad, where to post it? We provide you with a list of the best sites and Facebook groups dedicated to vacancies in the hospitality industry to increase your visibility and get noticed by the best.

Successful selection starts with the ad

Want to stop receiving applications that don't meet your requirements? Follow this checklist and you will find that writing your job ad well can make all the difference!

20 steps to writing the perfect hotel job ad - Smartpricing

Find answers to your questions!

  • You must. If you want only correct information to circulate about you and the role you are seeking, we suggest that you still write a short ad of your own. Even if you don't post it on any portal, you can share it privately with those who will help you find candidates.

  • Sure. It is important that, right from the ad, your personality and that of your accommodation shines through. By downloading this checklist you can compare it with the ads prepared for you by the agency and give guidance on how to present yourself to candidates in a more original and personalized way.

  • The shortage of personnel that characterizes the hospitality industry at this time stimulates competition and makes it more difficult to stand out among the many job ads online. By following this checklist, you can find new insights to make your job ads even more effective!