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GCSC Level III certification badge, marking top-tier support in hotel tech | Smartpricing

Smartpricing reaches new milestone for customer support

We’re leveling up hospitality tech support with Hotel Report’s CSGC Level III certification

How to use the booking window to boost your marketing efforts | Smartpricing

Want to use the Booking Window to increase bookings? Here's how!

How to use the booking window to target your marketing and sell more without wasting budget

Google tools to increase direct hotel bookings | Smartpricing

3 Google tools you need now to increase direct hotel bookings

Google Travel, Google Hotel Ads and Business profile: how to use them to disintermediate from OTAs

Streamline hotel management with a channel manager | Smartpricing

Essential efficiency: How a channel manager can help streamline operations for hoteliers

Here's why a channel manager is essential to simplify your hotel distribution and increase your profits. Our partner Cloudbeds explains how to leverage this technology for optimal results.


Upselling in hotels: use guest personas to sell more

Here's how to customize your offer to sell additional services at your accommodation.

Automating revenue management in hotels | Smartpricing

Automating hotel revenue management: who's already doing it?

Find out why your hotel or accommodation should use AI to improve revenue management.

 I 5 problemi più comuni delle strutture ricettive | Smartpricing

The 5 most common hotel problems and how to solve them

The life of a hotelier may seem simple, but it's not! Here are the most common challenges and how to overcome them.

Top 5 travel trends 2024 | Smartpricing

Top 5 travel trends influencing bookings in 2024

Find out what trends are already impacting next season's bookings.

Smartpricing presents LAB training platform | Smartpricing

Smartpricing presents LAB: hands-on training for your success!

LAB is more than an academy: courses and tutorials to go straight from theory to results.

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