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What is bleisure travel and how is it transforming the hotel industry | Smartpricing

Bleisure travel: how it is transforming the hotel industry and 5 strategies to take advantage of it

Bleisure, bizcation or workation: three terms for a trend that has changed business travel forever and can make a difference for your property. Find out how!

How to combine revenue management and sustainability in hotels | Smartpricing

Revenue management and sustainability in hotels: how to get the maximum benefit (without greenwashing)

How to optimize revenue in your hotel by focusing on environmental sustainability.

Discover the new Smartpricing Free and unlock the hidden potential of your hotel | Smartpricing

Discover the new Smartpricing Free and unlock your hotel's hidden potential

Do you really have everything under control in your hospitality facility? Find out now with Smartpricing Free.

Smartpricing announces integration with Mews

Smartpricing announces integration with Mews

Smartpricing is now integrated with Mews, the innovative hotel management cloud used by more than 5,000 hotels.

Maximizing Revenue with Dynamic Pricing and Channel Management: Best Practices

Maximizing Revenue with Dynamic Pricing and Channel Management: Best Practices

In the ever-evolving landscape of the vacation rental industry, where market conditions shift rapidly and competition is fierce, the integration of dynamic pricing tools and channel managers emerges as a beacon for revenue optimization. Property owners and hosts can unlock their full revenue potential by aligning best practices in both areas and navigating the complexities of the market with precision.

QR codes in hotels: how to generate them, where to place them and what benefits they offer | Smartpricing

QR codes in hotels: how to use them and why you should do it now

From retail to tourism, QR codes are becoming increasingly popular: find out how you can take advantage of them in your hotel too!

Managing turnover in hotels: strategies for avoiding staff shortages | Smartpricing

Hotel turnover: strategies to avoid seasonal staff shortage

Avoiding high turnover is the first step in ensuring you have a profitable, stress-free season. Here's how to do it!

Hotel loyalty program: all the advantages and how to understand if you need it | Smartpricing

Does your hotel need a loyalty program? Here's how to tell!

Loyalty and cutting out the middleman, but not only that. Discover all the benefits of loyalty programs!

Hotel market segmentation for lodging facilities

Hotel market segmentation: definition, examples and a practical guide to start from scratch

Your customers are at the center of your every thought. But are they also at the center of your pricing strategy? Use hotel market segmentation to increase loyalty and revenue.

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