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Hotel Management

A mix of articles on various topics related to hotel management.

What is minimum stay: pros and cons - Smartpricing

What is minimum stay: pros and cons

Absolutely everything you should know about minimum stay in hotels.

Organizational chart for hotels: everything you need to know - Smartpricing

Do you want to focus on what really matters in your hotel? What you need is an organizational chart

An organizational chart helps you define your staff's responsibilities and delegate tasks. In this article we explain how to create one.

How to handle complaints in hotels - Smartpricing

Is managing guest complaints a problem in your hotel? Here's how to solve it!

Everyone gets a complaint at one time or another: the difference is being able not only to solve it, but to turn it into an opportunity for improvement and building loyalty. Find out how!

How to master cleaning your rooms (guide + checklist)

How to master cleaning your rooms (guide + checklist)

In this article, we explain how to best organize and manage the cleaning of hotel or B&B rooms.

Hotel Staff training - Smartpricing

Tips for hoteliers who want to successfully train their staff

Training your employees is crucial to increasing their satisfaction and growing your business. In this article we explain how to do it effectively.

How to increase RevPAR through employee happiness - Smartpricing

Do you want to increase RevPAR? Make your employees happy!

When people feel appreciated and fulfilled they work better and with more energy: follow our three tips to get happy employees, spoiled customers and +31% productivity.

Hospitality facilities: how to attract and retain staff - Smartpricing

How to attract and retain talent in your lodging establishment to avert a staffing crisis

Despite positive travel forecasts for 2024, the recovery of tourism is threatened by the now chronic shortage of staff in accommodation facilities. Find out how to address the problem!

How to plan for 2024 to increase your hotel's revenue - Smartpricing

7 initiatives to plan for 2024 in your hospitality business (and increase revenue)

In this article, we share 7 actions you can take to effectively plan for 2024 and achieve your revenue goals

To disintermediate or not to disintermediate

To disintermediate or not to disintermediate, that is the question

It might have seemed like an outdated topic, but disintermediation is still an evergreen in the tourism industry. Here's an overview of the situation and a few small tips to help your facility perform better.

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