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Hotel Management

A mix of articles on various topics related to hotel management.

Streamline hotel management with a channel manager | Smartpricing

Essential efficiency: How a channel manager can help streamline operations for hoteliers

Here's why a channel manager is essential to simplify your hotel distribution and increase your profits. Our partner Cloudbeds explains how to leverage this technology for optimal results.

 I 5 problemi più comuni delle strutture ricettive | Smartpricing

The 5 most common hotel problems and how to solve them

The life of a hotelier may seem simple, but it's not! Here are the most common challenges and how to overcome them.

What is bleisure travel and how is it transforming the hotel industry | Smartpricing

Bleisure travel: how it is transforming the hotel industry and 5 strategies to take advantage of it

Bleisure, bizcation or workation: three terms for a trend that has changed business travel forever and can make a difference for your property. Find out how!

Managing turnover in hotels: strategies for avoiding staff shortages | Smartpricing

Hotel turnover: strategies to avoid seasonal staff shortage

Avoiding high turnover is the first step in ensuring you have a profitable, stress-free season. Here's how to do it!

How to manage hotel phone calls and turn them into bookings | Smartpricing

Phone calls in hotels: how to manage them to turn them into bookings

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating hotel phone calls and find out how to use them to increase disintermediation

Hotel reservations: how important it is to make a good first impression and how to encourage it | Smartpricing

Hotel bookings: why a good first impression counts (and how to achieve it)

Your guests take 7 seconds to form an opinion about your hotel and 50 milliseconds to judge your website. Find out how to guide first impressions and secure more bookings!

What is minimum stay: pros and cons - Smartpricing

What is minimum stay: pros and cons

Absolutely everything you should know about minimum stay in hotels.

Organizational chart for hotels: everything you need to know - Smartpricing

Do you want to focus on what really matters in your hotel? What you need is an organizational chart

An organizational chart helps you define your staff's responsibilities and delegate tasks. In this article we explain how to create one.

How to handle complaints in hotels - Smartpricing

Is managing guest complaints a problem in your hotel? Here's how to solve it!

Everyone gets a complaint at one time or another: the difference is being able not only to solve it, but to turn it into an opportunity for improvement and building loyalty. Find out how!

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