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Revenue Management

The best articles on revenue management for hotels and other accommodations.

Cross-selling in hotels: tools and techniques to increase revenue and retain guests - Smartpricing

Learn how to use cross-selling in hotels to increase revenue and retain customers

By focusing on extra services, you can increase your property's net profit without burdening its budget. Read our tips and create a cross-selling strategy tailored to you!

How to increase bookings on complete guide - Smartpricing

The ultimate guide to increasing bookings on

A must-read for every host who wants to grow their hotel.

The 5 types of rates that you need to know if you want to do revenue management in your hotel or lodging establishment

The 5 types of rates you need to know in order to do revenue management in your hotel or lodging establishment

Not sure what types of rates you need to adopt to do revenue management properly? In this article, we introduce you to the 5 most important ones.

Quick guide to dynamic pricing: what is it and what are its advantages over the fixed price list - Smartpricing

Mini-guide to dynamic pricing: what is it, and what are its advantages over the fixed price list?

What are dynamic prices? What are they used for? What are their advantages? Does it still make sense to use the fixed price list in an accommodation? Find answers to these questions here.

Fixed price list in hotels: all the disadvantages - Smartpricing

Do you use a fixed price list? We have bad news for you

Applying fixed prices to your rooms costs a lot more than you might realize.

How to conduct an advanced competitor analysis

How to use competitor analysis to increase your lodging establishment's revenue

Competitor analysis is a key part of any hotel’s or bed & breakfast's revenue management strategy.

The most important KPIs for a hotel - Smartpricing

The KPIs you need to keep an eye on if you want to maximize your hotel's revenue

Not sure what we're talking about? Fear not, we explain it all in this article.

5 methods to reduce vacant rooms and increase revenue in hotels - Smartpricing

5 methods to reduce empty rooms in your hotel (and increase revenue) you may not have thought of yet

Is it possible to increase your hotel's occupancy and revenue even when demand is low? Sure, but only if you adopt the 5 methods we suggest in this article.

Do you manage a small hotel? Here's why you should consider revenue management

Why apply revenue management to a small hotel? (+ case study)

In this article we talk about revenue management for small hotels and why it is an essential aspect even if you only manage a few rooms.

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