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51 steps to optimize your listing on Booking

The essential checklist for increasing bookings on the world's most popular portal.

Increase visibility
Increase bookings
Increases revenue

What you will find inside the checklist:

  • 1

    51 practical steps

    Forget theory, this checklist consists of 51 practical, concrete steps broken down by category. What you will need to do is to execute them one by one and see the results.

  • 2

    An indispensable reminder

    Optimizing a listing on Booking is complex: there are so many aspects to consider that you risk skipping some steps. With this resource you know that won't happen.

  • 3

    A ready-to-use tool

    The convenience of using the checklist makes it immediately usable. Like an airplane pilot, you only need to check that everything is in order to get your listing off the ground right away!

Increase your revenue on Booking!

Would you like to stand out among the thousands of listings on Booking and increase bookings? With this checklist you'll do it easily and without oversights. Start now and see results!

51 steps to optimize your listing on Booking - Smartpricing

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  • To use this checklist effectively, it is important to carefully follow all 51 steps.

    Do them one at a time, then move on to the next.

  • Key aspects to keep an eye on include the property description, photos, available services, and pricing strategy.

    In the checklist you will find all steps broken down by these categories.

  • Have you really followed ALL the steps?

    If you have and you are still not getting results, you may need to look at additional factors.

    Demand at your destination or the wrong pricing strategy, for example, could be undermining the effectiveness of your listing.

    In this case, please contact us for assistance.