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How to create guest personas and upsell successfully in hotels

The checklist to turn your guest data into guest personas and sell more

Get to know your guests
Sell more services

What you'll find inside the guide:

  • 1

    What data you need

    To create your guest personas, you’ll need to collect all the information you have on your guests. In this checklist, you’ll find not only a complete list of qualitative and quantitative data you need but also where to find it.

  • 2

    Guest persona structure

    After helping you collect the data, the checklist will guide you through the most challenging step: analyzing the data, identifying common elements, and organizing them into the final guest persona profile.

  • 3

    Practical examples

    To give you a better idea of what your guest profiles should look like, you'll find two pre-filled examples in the checklist. You can read them before you start work to clarify your ideas, or use them to compare with your guest profiles and check that you haven't forgotten anything.

Offer your guests only what they want

Matching your services to your guests' needs is the basis for selling more. But is it really possible to know everyone's tastes? With guest personas, yes. Download the checklist and find out how!

How to create guest personas for your hotel | Smartpricing

Find answers to your questions!

  • Yes! Knowing your regular guests well is a great starting point, but the guest persona method will take you a step further. You’ll be able to use this information not only to personalize the experience of your existing guests, but also to attract new bookings from guests with similar needs. In fact, guest personas, help you to better identify and cater to a wider audience, improving your marketing strategy and increasing revenue.

  • Of course! By using the guest persona method, you may discover new needs from your guests that you’ve never paid attention to before. This will enable you to expand your range of extra services with the confidence that they will be appreciated. You’ll be able to enhance the experience of your existing guests and attract new ones with similar preferences, thereby boosting your sales and overall satisfaction.

  • Yes! In addition to facilitating upselling, guest personas can help you with many other activities. The profiles you obtain will make it much easier to target your sales and marketing strategies, improve the usability of your website, and gear your communication to reach your exact target customers.