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How to make your front desk more efficient (and profitable)

Organize your front desk to improve the guest experience and increase your revenue (CHECKLIST).

Better performance
Enhanced experience
Increased revenue

What you will find inside the checklist:

  • 1

    Practical steps divided by category

    Inside the checklist you will find several practical, concrete steps divided by 4 categories of action. What you will need to do is to perform them one by one and monitor the results.

  • 2

    An essential reminder

    Improving the performance of your front desk is not easy: there are so many aspects to consider and you risk skipping some steps. With this resource, that won't happen again.

  • 3

    A ready-to-use tool

    The easy-to-use nature of the checklist makes it immediately applicable. All you need to do is check that everything is in order to make your front desk work to its full potential.

More efficiency, more satisfaction, more revenue

Do you know why the front desk deserves your full attention? Because your guests' stay begins and ends here! Follow this checklist to make it more efficient: in return you'll see happy customers, trained staff and increased revenue.

How to make your front desk more efficient (and profitable) - Smartpricing

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  • To use this checklist effectively, it is important to carefully follow all the steps contained within.

    Make sure you have done the previous one before moving on to the next.

  • The checklist is divided into four categories:

    • staff training and skills
    • systems and procedures
    • monitoring and improvement
    • management and resources

    In the checklist, you will find all steps broken down for these categories.