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How to conduct an advanced competitor analysis

A resource to study competitors in your vicinity and better understand how to increase your revenue.

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What you will find inside the spreadsheet:

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    A hands-on method

    This spreadsheet is designed to allow you to quickly and easily categorize any data you collect about your competitors. Studying them can be the first step in setting more profitable prices to ask.

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    Focus on features

    With this spreadsheet you can perform a benchmark analysis, choosing the characteristics of the facilities you want to analyze. This allows you to perceive how your facility ranks compared to others and what you can make a difference in.

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    Focus on prices

    Report the prices of your competitors and immediately get a useful overview to better understand market trends. Remember, though, not to submit blindly to the pricing decisions made by your competitors!

Be more aware of how the market is doing

Analyzing the competition well is as important as it is complicated. To compare the data you collect in a reasoned way, you need an easy chart: Find it ready-made in this Excel file!

How to conduct an advanced competitor analysis - Smartpricing

Find answers to your questions!

  • Sure. Inside you will find all the helpful directions that will guide you in filling out the file.

  • You can choose to draw from the sales channel you prefer (, Expedia, Airbnb, website or information available to you). Remember that once you have selected the data source, you must continue to use it when you update the file later. Only in this way will the final analysis remain consistent and reliable over time.

  • It is critical to know who is acting in your locality and how they are acting, so you can differentiate yourself in a targeted way, filling any gaps in your area's offerings. Keeping track of others' prices also gives you valuable extra information to refer to. But remember that it is not advisable to calibrate your rates just by looking at others', because you risk losing sight of many equally important variables.