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How revenue management software works: examples and case studies

The guide to understanding AI-based RMS and the difference between manual and automated price management

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What you'll find inside the guide:

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    Examples of pricing strategies

    Managing prices dynamically means changing your room rates in real time, based on analysis of a precise set of variables. In this guide, you’ll find the 4 most important variables to monitor and practical examples of how they affect your prices.

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    RMS and artificial intelligence

    Not all revenue management software are the same, and the advent of artificial intelligence makes them even more different. In this guide, you’ll discover how an AI-based RMS works and why it’s the best choice, even for those with no time to devote or revenue expertise.

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    7 case studies

    What does it mean to switch from manual price management to a state-of-the-art revenue management software? In this guide, you’ll find testimonials from hoteliers who have already taken this step and the results they’ve achieved.

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How revenue management software works: examples and case studies | Smartpricing

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  • Yes. Using state-of-the-art revenue management software means you can dramatically reduce the time spent on price management, ensure round-the-clock market monitoring and adjust prices much faster than with manual management. If you already know and apply the principles of revenue management, it’s even better - you'll be able to refine your pricing strategies even further and give your revenue a boost.

  • Yes. In this guide, you’ll find four examples of dynamic pricing strategies, including one based on seasonality. You’ll be able to draw inspiration from them to improve your business and understand how to more effectively monitor all the variables that have an impact on prices. You'll also find testimonials from hoteliers who have used the same method as you and the results they’ve achieved by adopting revenue management software.

  • Yes. In this guide, you’ll find interesting data on the hotel market, how many hoteliers are already using revenue management software, and how many are planning to do so. You’ll also find 7 testimonials from hoteliers who share why they decided to automate revenue management and what results they’ve achieved.