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How to make your hotel sustainable in 3 steps (+8 examples)

The guide to get you started and inspired by hotels already committed to sustainability

Add value
Attract more guests
Reduce costs

What you’ll find inside the guide:

  • 1

    Data on sustainability

    While it's true that transportation weighs most heavily in tourism's CO2 emissions, accommodations also play their part. Here you will find updated data and a survey revealing how many travelers are influenced by sustainability when choosing a hotel and what they expect from those who claim to be eco-friendly.

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    The 3 key steps

    From environmental requirements to the most popular and authoritative sustainability certifications to staff and guest engagement, in this guide find out what the three basic steps are to establish your starting point and plan the minimum necessary interventions.

  • 3

    What other hotels are doing

    Plenty of hotels claim to be eco-friendly, but few are able to commit to sustainability in a concrete and transparent way. In this guide, you will find 8 examples of hotels that have succeeded in doing so, including easily replicable actions from which you can draw immediate insights.

Sustainability is about action

With increasingly conscious guests, being sustainable only in words means damaging your hotel's reputation. Download the guide and discover that moving to action is easier than you think!

How to make your hotel sustainable in 3 steps (+8 examples) | Smartpricing

Find answers to your questions!

  • Of course! To make your hospitality facility more sustainable, you don't have to completely revolutionize it or allocate exaggerated budgets. You can introduce small improvements and do it a little at a time to reach a satisfactory level that will positively impress your guests. In this guide you'll find an easy way to establish your starting point and lots of practical ideas to inspire you.

  • Yes! A key step that many people overlook, is the involvement of staff and guests in the sustainable practices promoted by the hotel. In the guide you will find a chapter devoted to this, with helpful suggestions for ensuring that everyone notices your efforts and appreciates them.

  • Of course! In the guide, you will find a chapter devoted exclusively to sustainability certifications and why they are a worthwhile investment. We have selected and described the most authoritative ones recognized internationally, adding direct links where you can find more information, without wasting time on endless searches.