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Smartpricing considers the main factors - such as historical and future employment, supply and demand for a specific area, prices of competitors - to ensure that the sale price of your rooms is always the best in real time. In a nutshell Smartpricing is: simple, reliable and effective.

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3 features that will make you love Smartpricing

Smartpricing connects with the main management software - such as 5 Stars, Vertical Booking and many others - to automatically publish the prices on all the sales channels of your hotel.

Thanks to Smartpricing you can set minimum and maximum prices, as well as increase a certain% for a certain period of the year or block certain prices so that they do not change. In any case, you will always be in full control of how and when you want it.

Smartpricing shows you the data relating to the progress of your structure in a simple and easily understandable way so that you can always know how you are performing. You will also be able to understand how and how much a price has changed over time.

We Analyse The software monitors hotel & market data and assesses your facility’s performance over 100 times a day, with zero oversight required.
We Calculate Smart algorithms generate the most profitable rate based on current demand, availability, trends and historical data.
We Publish Optimal prices for all room types are automatically published across your website and OTAs, in real time.
Hotel Savoy
Hotel Savoy di Caorle (VE) - caso studio Smartpricing

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