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Following the crowd won’t get you far

Watching the prices that competitors in your destination charge is less helpful than you think.

Why is looking at competitors' prices not enough the effort?

You lose the big picture

In addition to overlooking important elements that your competitors may be ignoring (events, weather, destination trends, etc.), you don't know how much their occupancy, customer type, and other factors unknown to you impact their pricing.

You spend your time poorly

Obsessively watching what others are doing takes away a lot of precious hours that you could be spending on something else. In addition to the time wasted this way, you will spend just as much time calculating your prices accordingly.

You lose focus on your business

Basing your prices on those of others subjects you to their decisions and can drag you into a downward price war that may increase occupancy, but is likely to hurt your accommodation.

Are these prices really the best ones?

Who assures you that your competitors are choosing their prices based on thoughtful analytics? And who assures you that your prices, calculated from theirs, are really the best for you as well? The risk of lost revenue is very high.

Smartpricing goes beyond competitor analysis

  • User-friendly

    The software is extremely simple and intuitive to use.

    The dashboard and various features are designed to make the experience on the platform smooth and make your time more productive.

  • Better pricing decisions

    Smartpricing applies a dynamic pricing strategy based on analysis of numerous variables, both internal and external to your facility. Monitoring covers price trends in your target market, including potential competitors.

    From fixed prices to dynamic prices
  • You choose how far you go

    At any time, you can set a minimum and a maximum price at which it can operate.

    You can also choose the pricing strategy most in line with your needs - from most conservative to most aggressive.

    You choose how far you go
  • Stay in control

    With Smartpricing you can take action at any time to maintain control over prices and the rules you have set. Based on your needs, you can change rates one at a time or over multiple dates.

    Stay in control
  • Intuitive reports

    You always have an eye on your property's performance data through simple and engaging reporting.

    With Smartpricing you learn how to optimize your prices without having to depend solely on what your competitors are doing.

    Intuitive reports

Before Smartpricing

Our clients had disappointing results before making the switch to dynamic pricing. Can you relate to their words as well?

Our staff and I managed the rates completely by hand. Every day I would spend two to three hours in checking, editing and researching the rates to be entered.

Daniele Zucchelli - Eco Hotel Primavera

I was realizing that I was selling at prices that were too low in both low and high seasons, plus I couldn't predict peak occupancy on my own.

Roberto Lanci - Hotel Nizza

I knew that despite all the analysis I could perform, I would never get the big picture. I was aware that I was doing it wrong.

Massimo Taurmino - Palazzo Starace

Initially, rates were managed manually using one fixed price list for high season and another for low season.

Erica Guardini - Residence Onda Blu

Our modus operandi was to set the rates at the beginning of the season and change them only when strictly necessary (...) With time I understood that this method was not very functional.

Stefano Casarelli - Resort Le Picchiaie

Before this revolutionary software, prices were calculated by hand with a few Excel sheets. A fixed price list was used as a base.

Alberto Bullo - Starfish Apartments

With Smartpricing

The performance of these accommodations improved dramatically after adopting Smartpricing. So did the lives of your colleagues.

The most important aspect achieved thanks to Smartpricing is more free time: now in the evening I can devote more time to my family or other tasks at the front desk.

Daniele Zucchelli - Eco Hotel Primavera

Beyond the increase in turnover, my work on the prices is now less wasteful while it is much more productive in other aspects: I work less and I achieve greater returns.

Roberto Lanci - Hotel Nizza

Not only did the average revenue per room (ADR) double compared to the data for the same period in 2019, but I also realized how much I was underselling my rooms.

Massimo Taurmino - Palazzo Starace

We have increased our turnover remarkably, despite the fact that last year was a difficult period for tourism in general.

Erica Guardini - Residence Onda Blu

The results obtained are both in terms of time and in terms of turnover, both have increased. Now I have more quality time to devote to clients or other work activities.

Stefano Casarelli - Resort Le Picchiaie

Initially the software started to optimize prices upward and I was afraid I would be left with empty rooms. Instead, they were all sold and even faster than usual.

Alberto Bullo - Starfish Apartments

"What advantages does Smartpricing have over what I am doing now?"

Let’s compare the two

Main benefitsLooking at competitorsSmartpricing
Time savings
Time savings
Time savings
Zero Stress
Zero Stress
Zero Stress
Affordable investment
Affordable investment
Affordable investment
Increased turnover
Increased turnover
Increased turnover
Certainty of choosing the best price
Certainty of choosing the best price
Certainty of choosing the best price
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Smartpricing integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use

What good is a dynamic pricing and revenue management software if it can't connect to your PMS and channel manager? Smartpricing integrates with the leading solutions on the market.

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Protel Air in cloud
Dirs 21
Clock PMS
SMX (Little Hotelier)
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BeSafe Rate
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Find answers to your questions

  • Finding the best price is not always an exact science: there are different outlooks in the world of dynamic pricing, and Smartpricing provides a neutral one.

    It is neutral because it is based on the constant analysis of objective data, internal and external to your facility. And it is through this analysis that Smartpricing empowers you to more quickly find the price that works for you, at any given time, and based on the characteristics of your accommodation and the market in which you operate.

    In addition, Smartpricing's algorithm can register any changes and react quickly, adjusting prices accordingly.

  • Smartpricing's algorithm can collect a huge amount of data (your past and future bookings, the impact of holidays and events, past and future price trends) and use it to identify trends in your market. Based on this information, the algorithm applies the most effective dynamic strategy to your starting prices, increasing or decreasing them continually and up to 500 days ahead.

  • Smartpricing connects to your management and channel manager software and collects your historical and future booking data, if available. It then adds on market trends in your location and the impact of holidays and events. This allows it to identify the trends that are most relevant to your accommodation while continually monitoring and updating them.

  • The software scans information and online search results, identifying events relevant to bookings in your destination.

    In the very rare case that an important event is not detected, you can enter it through the dedicated feature. Additionally, you can disable the impact that events already entered by the software have on your strategy.

  • Absolutely, Smartpricing easily connects with major PMS and channel manager, making it much easier to use.

    Visit our Partners page to find out how your management system connects to Smartpricing.

  • Of course! Your intervention is important to get the maximum results from Smartpricing. That's why the software gives you all the tools you need to be in full control at all times in a simple and intuitive way.

    You can adjust your starting prices to best reflect the value of your accommodation, and you can set a minimum and maximum price, for specific dates and/or by room type, which the software will not be able to override.

    Finally, you can dial the dynamism of the algorithm's strategy: from the most aggressive level with marked price fluctuations to the most conservative with slight variations. With its high level of customization, Smartpricing gives you the ability to pursue each of your specific growth objectives with greater efficacy and ease.

  • Of course, the software allows you to enter your own rules and exceptions.

    However, we recommend that you adopt dynamic pricing with your regular guests as well.

  • Smartpricing's clients number more than 3,000 throughout Europe, and among them, you can find accommodations of different types and sizes: hotels, B&B's, residences, farmhouses, vacation homes, campgrounds, resorts, and property management agencies.

    On the Success Stories page, you can learn more about some of them: hoteliers and hosts like you who have achieved great results with Smartpricing!

  • The Smartpricing demo is a free demonstration of the software's features and is done via video call with one of our consultants.

    During the demo you will be able to see Smartpricing at work, understand how the integration with your management and channel manager software works, and find answers to any questions you may have about the software.

    The demo is free and without any commitment. To request it, simply follow these steps: once you enter your information, we will reach out to you to schedule the video call on a date most convenient for you.