Take a leap forward

Managing prices with Smartpricing brings you more revenue, more free time, more peace of mind.

Smartpricing takes your business to the next level

Defeat your doubts

If you apply dynamic pricing on your own, you always keep doubting that you haven't made the right decision. Smartpricing is much more efficient than a person, it analyzes more elements and breaks down this uncertainty.

Simplify your work

Say goodbye to complicated Excel files to calculate prices! Smartpricing suggests prices automatically and distributes them to your sales channels. You'll work simpler and leaner, as well as with more peace of mind.

Make money while you sleep

A software doesn't need breaks or vacations. It works incessantly h24 every day of the year without ever losing efficiency. You no longer have to spend sleepless nights worrying about having to correct prices.

Save time

Less analysis to do and fewer spreadsheets to fill out means more hours of time to devote to other activities. With Smartpricing you can focus on the aspects of your work or life that you have neglected until now.

With Smartpricing, enjoy working more peacefully

  • User-friendly

    We developed Smartpricing to make your life easier and make you forget about calculations with Excel files.

    The dashboard and various features are designed to make the experience on the platform smooth and eliminate any element of confusion.

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  • Always up-to-date rates

    Smartpricing optimizes rates for each room type more dynamically, comprehensively, and efficiently than a person.

    Not only that, the software optimizes rates at all times of the day and year, even when you are not there.

    Report intuitivi
  • You choose how far to go

    At any time you can set a minimum and a maximum price at which it can operate. You can also choose your preferred pricing strategy.

    The goal is to let you sleep soundly without the fear of offering prices that are not in line with your business.

    Scegli tu fin dove spingerti
  • Stay in control

    Although Smartpricing works independently, you can intervene at any time by changing the recommended prices.

    You retain control over the pricing hierarchies you have set and can change prices one at a time or en masse over multiple dates.

    Mantieni il controllo
  • Intuitive reports

    You always have an eye on your property's performance data through simple and engaging reporting.

    You can filter and compare results by dates of stay, date of reservation, and room type.

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Before Smartpricing

Our clients had disappointing results before making the switch to dynamic pricing. Can you relate to their words as well?

Our staff and I managed the rates completely by hand. Every day I would spend two to three hours in checking, editing and researching the rates to be entered.

Daniele Zucchelli - Eco Hotel Primavera

I was realizing that I was selling at prices that were too low in both low and high seasons, plus I couldn't predict peak occupancy on my own.

Roberto Lanci - Hotel Nizza

I knew that despite all the analysis I could perform, I would never get the big picture. I was aware that I was doing it wrong.

Massimo Taurmino - Palazzo Starace

I honestly wasn't thinking of adopting price management software. In sales, I'm well-versed and I've always managed on my own.

Sonia Boscolo - Hotel Mediterraneo

Our modus operandi was to set the rates at the beginning of the season and change them only when strictly necessary (...) With time I understood that this method was not very functional.

Stefano Casarelli - Resort Le Picchiaie

Before this revolutionary software, prices were calculated by hand with a few Excel sheets. A fixed price list was used as a base.

Alberto Bullo - Starfish Apartments

With Smartpricing

The performance of these accommodations improved dramatically after adopting Smartpricing. So did the lives of your colleagues.

The most important aspect achieved thanks to Smartpricing is more free time: now in the evening I can devote more time to my family or other tasks at the front desk.

Daniele Zucchelli - Eco Hotel Primavera

Beyond the increase in turnover, my work on the prices is now less wasteful while it is much more productive in other aspects: I work less and I achieve greater returns.

Roberto Lanci - Hotel Nizza

Not only did the average revenue per room (ADR) double compared to the data for the same period in 2019, but I also realized how much I was underselling my rooms.

Massimo Taurmino - Palazzo Starace

Smartpricing puzzled me at first, but in the trial period I liked it. I recommend it to other colleagues because it helps to improve your performance.

Sonia Boscolo - Hotel Mediterraneo

The results obtained are both in terms of time and in terms of turnover, both have increased. Now I have more quality time to devote to clients or other work activities.

Stefano Casarelli - Resort Le Picchiaie

Initially the software started to optimize prices upward and I was afraid I would be left with empty rooms. Instead, they were all sold and even faster than usual.

Alberto Bullo - Starfish Apartments

“What advantages does Smartpricing have over what I am doing now?”

Let’s compare the two


Smartpricing integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use

What good is revenue management software if it can't connect to your PMS and channel manager? Smartpricing integrates with the leading solutions on the market.

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Find answers to your questions

  • Dynamic pricing is not a tool reserved for large hotel chains, nor is it a superfluous service to quibble over: it has become essential to surviving in the industry.

    Without dynamic pricing, not only do you earn less than you should, but you seriously risk closing your business.

    Indeed, in current times, between pandemics, wars and price increases, demand is constantly changing depending on sudden events that shake society.

    To adapt to this change, it is necessary to adopt prices that capture demand by rising or falling in real time.

  • Finding the right price is not always an exact science: there are different outlooks in the world of dynamic pricing, and Smartpricing provides a neutral one.

    Among the data the software analyzes are some that you share during the setup phase, so it is important that they are as accurate as possible to ensure optimal results.

    In addition, by making complex calculations in an instant, Smartpricing responds to changes in the market much faster than a human.

    Smartpricing does what you would do, but much faster, with much more data available and without anxiety or outside distractions.

  • Smartpricing uses artificial intelligence to do what a person would do more slowly and less efficiently.

    Specifically, the software analyzes a myriad of data in real time, finds where supply and demand meet, and based on that suggests the ideal price.

  • In addition to your booking history, the main data the software analyzes are competitor pricing trends, destination trends, weather, holidays, and events.

  • The software scans information and online search results identifying events relevant to bookings in your destination.

    In the very rare case that an important event is not detected, you simply report it to our support, who will immediately add it to Smartpricing.

  • Absolutely, Smartpricing easily connects with major PMS and channel managers making it much easier to use.

  • You will always have the ability to manually change the prices suggested by Smartpricing and maintain full control of your pricing strategy.

    You will also always be able to set a minimum and maximum price, by date and/or by room type, which the software will not be able to override.

    Smartpricing also allows you to choose its strategy of action: from the most aggressive with marked price fluctuations to the most conservative with slight variations.

  • Of course, during the software setup phase you can tell our team to include exceptions.

    However, we recommend that you adopt dynamic pricing with your regular guests as well.

  • Smartpricing's customers are mainly small hotels, residences, farmhouses, and vacation rental management companies.

    On the Success Stories page you can learn about entrepreneurs like you who have achieved great results with Smartpricing.

  • Once you enter your contact information, one of our consultants will contact you back and schedule a video call with you, free of charge and with no commitment.

    During the video call we will analyze your situation, have a look at Smartpricing at work, and answer any questions you may have regarding the software.