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One-on-one with Martino Pugliese, CX Operations Manager at Smartpricing

In this article, we introduce you to Martino Pugliese, CX Operations Manager at Smartpricing

Martino Pugliese, CX Operations Manager at Smartpricing

How long have you been working at Smartpricing?

I started working for Smartpricing in June 2021, after several experiences here and there in the tourism and hotel world.

What team are you on and what do you do specifically?

I am responsible for the revenue and accounting area of my team.

I am in charge of the administration and management of the workload and procedures, as well as the implementation of new behaviors to be provided to the algorithm.

In addition, our department manages 2 important phases for the client:

  1. the onboarding phase: in this phase, we take care of adjusting the algorithm to make it reason best about the structure we are analyzing;
  2. the follow-up phase: we check that the algorithm performs well, contact clients and schedule meetings with them.

What skills would you say are necessary to do your job?

Beyond the technical skills specific to my role, I believe that the generic skills cannot fail to include: patience, resilience, but above all ownership and an innate ability for problem-solving.

For example, retention is one of the most delicate phases of my job: there, the ability to go beyond and solve a possible problem is what really makes the difference. Plus, the job is constantly evolving, so a good dose of flexibility never hurts!

How does the culture of Smartpricing support you in doing your best?

I'll preface this: I don't consider myself a genius, but I certainly love to work and to work hard.

The beauty of Smartpricing is that, in addition to the propensity to reward the work you do, everyone has the opportunity to make a difference. 

It doesn't matter if you're an intern or have just joined the team - you always have a say.

In addition, the fact that we give top priority to valuing the employee makes Smartpricing a real team - with a culture like that, you are motivated to do well and always give your best.

When people ask you what it is like to work at Smartpricing, what do you say?

There's plenty to do and then some! Being a startup, things change quickly and the amount of work is not trivial.

The good thing, however, is that you work with such a lightness and sense of belonging that you end up "fighting" for the end result.

The team spirit that you feel in this company is the driving force behind everything and gives you energy.

What do you like most about Smartpricing? / What surprised you most about Smartpricing?

In my opinion there is nothing that beats the value you place on people. And in Smartpricing you see this with your own eyes.

And let's face it: how many companies in Italy really care about valuing their employees?

So, if there is one thing that surprised me about Smartpricing, I think it is this!

What does Smartpricing have that other companies don't?

In Smartpricing, the "soldier is on the ground".

It's kind of like in soccer: maybe you don't play for the strongest team in the tournament, but if you have a sense of belonging and work for the group, you might even win the Champions League in the end!

Now, that very sense of belonging and unity that you can feel at Smartpricing is something that in my opinion does not exist elsewhere.

Why did you choose Smartpricing?

Initially I was not familiar with Smartpricing and perhaps a little unconsciously I chose it as a personal challenge.

Once inside, however, I realized the enormous potential of this company and especially of the concept behind the service being offered.

If a revenue manager has a huge limitation (for example: he works 8 hours a day and 5 days a week), Smartpricing on the other hand works around the clock

And I believe that Smartpricing is the future. 

In addition, I found a company that is smart, outward-looking and, above all, future-oriented.

In short, I would say I chose well!

Is there anything you want to add that candidates might want to know?

The most important thing I would like to tell a potential candidate is this: if you have a desire to make a difference; if you have a desire to feel valued and above all want to get out of your comfort zone, then Smartpricing is really the right place for you.

Here you are not just a number. Here you can be part of a team, you can have your say and contribute at all times.

If all this makes you feel comfortable, well...don't waste any more time!