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Monastero ARX VIVENDI (Arco) – Manuel Mutschlechner

In this article, we want to share a quick interview with Manuel Mutschlechner, owner & operator of Monastero Arx Vivendi in Arco.

Manuel Mutschlechner's review - Monastero ARX Vivendi (Arco) Smartpricing case study

“Coming from the banking sector, I appreciate the importance of price optimization. Finding Smartpricing was doubly valuable for me because, in addition to being certain of the rates processed, Smartpricing’s core values also align with our business strategy.” Manuel Mutschlechner

You launched in spring 2021…

Yes, that's right! Specifically on May 25th, 2021. It all started with our inspiration to create a dimension of light, sweet, carefree, playful, sensual, and relaxing hospitality—without sacrificing any part of the experience. 

Hence ARX Vivendi, a 16th century monastery, located in Arco, and transformed into a hotel & spa. 

How did you come across Smartpricing?

It was October or November last year. I read an article published in Adige and I was immediately impressed. Coming from the banking sector, I am very aware of the importance of price optimization. 

I hadn't found anything like it [Smartpricing] on the market before then, so I wrote down the name and, when the time came, I got in touch with Tommaso. 

So you were already convinced that Smartpricing would bring benefits…

Yes, that's correct. I was also able to appreciate all the features in more detail. Starting from the dashboard: really simple. All I have to do is enter the minimum price and it runs by itself—I hardly need to intervene. No stress, just like our hospitality philosophy. 

How confident are you of the prices the Smartpricing algorithm provides?

While we have only been using Smartpricing for a very short time, we have seen it working well and have witnessed a positive impact on our financial results. In fact, on June 2nd we experienced a peak in requests from our German customers, and the algorithm optimized the rates to make them truly competitive. 

Would you like to add anything else, Manuel? 

Yes, allow me to say one last thing. Given the fact that we’re not from around here (but do run a beautiful local property, in Monastero Arx Vivendi) it is a massive value-add to have found a partner that matches our corporate values so closely, right around the corner. We were really lucky!

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