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Smartpricing and Smoobu: Vacation rental made easy

Thanks to the interface, you can easily combine both software solutions and have them work together automatically.

Smartpricing and Smoobu management software: New integration for vacation rentals

The integration of Smartpricing with Smoobu, the management software for vacation rentals, helps you improve and automate the daily management of your properties.

What is Smoobu?

Smoobu is an all-in-one solution for the professional management of vacation rentals.

The combination of reservation system (PMS), booking system and channel manager ensures that hosts can advertise on as many booking portals as possible and handle reservations smoothly with minimal effort.

The tools for day-to-day management of reservations are complemented by other practical features, from website builder, integrated guest communication and guest portfolio to ratings management and solutions for online check-in and upselling.

This allows the platform to be tailored precisely to the needs of individual establishments.

What are the advantages of the cooperation between Smartpricing and Smoobu?

Thanks to the integration of Smoobu and Smartpricing, you can ensure that your pricing strategy is implemented on all channels.

The mutual integration of the software will automate your work even more smoothly.

Smartpricing and Smoobu communicate with each other continuously, eliminating errors caused by manual data transfer.

Smartpricing receives any change in the calendar in real time from Smoobu, determines the new price on that date and sends back the updated information.

In the next step, Smoobu Channel Manager updates the prices on all booking channels and completes the fully automated process.

If you use Smoobu and want to learn more about Smartpricing, schedule a personal product demo with our consulting team to see Smartpricing in action.