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Discover the new Smartpricing Free and unlock your hotel's hidden potential

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Discover the new Smartpricing Free and unlock the hidden potential of your hotel | Smartpricing

Running a hospitality business today is a challenge. To ensure success in an industry that is constantly changing and characterized by ever-tightening competition, hosts are required to be highly competent in every strategic activity: from market positioning to marketing, from revenue management to sales, and even in dealing with increasingly demanding customers.

Being able to have full control in each of these domains can make all the difference to the fortunes of an accommodation, and it is to meet this need that we have created Smartpricing Free.

As Andrea Garganico, Smartpricing's Head of Product, explains, "The goal of Smartpricing Free is to radically transform the perception that every host has of their accommodation, obtaining a complete and objective view of their market positioning and hidden potential in just a few minutes. It's not just about analyzing and monitoring the present, but having access to the most advanced learning models to build customized strategies that focus on future success."

If you, too, would like to discover the full potential of your hospitality business, create your account on Smartpricing Free and get started now!

How to use Smartpricing Free

No integration or connection with your management software is required to use Smartpricing Free. Simply create your free account and follow the guided setup procedure to get immediate access to the three sections that make up the platform:

Market analysis

Here, you automatically identify which competitors are most relevant to you, monitor their price trends over a period of up to 12 months, and keep an eye on market trends and fluctuations in your location at all times.

Smart Analysis

Here, you compare your establishment's positioning against competitors, measure the effectiveness of your pricing strategy, and get a detailed analysis of your online reviews. The Smart Analysis detects any strategic errors by providing you with practical advice to correct them.

Suggested prices

Here, you compare your current pricing with dynamic prices suggested by our algorithm for each room type and can download a customized dynamic pricing strategy for periods up to 12 months, ready to be imported into your management software or channel manager right away.

Discover the new Smartpricing Free | Smartpricing

What are the benefits of Smartpricing Free

Using Smartpricing Free means arming yourself with a dedicated personal consultant who will make the strategic management of your hospitality business simple, intuitive, and profitable.

Here are the benefits you'll enjoy from the very first login:

  • Immediate and in-depth vision: you will see your market positioning and the full potential of your facility that you may have never considered. You'll get an up-to-date picture of the trends going on in your location and be able to anticipate them to keep you one step ahead of others.
  • Professional competitive set: get the list of your competitors automatically and in order of relevance, always stay on top of their pricing trends, and find out what their most successful services are.
  • Dynamic pricing strategy: even without notions of revenue management you will be able to test the power of dynamic pricing, getting ready-to-use pricing strategies, customized for your accommodation and calibrated to the characteristics of your market.
  • Time savings: by automating market analysis and the creation of pricing strategies, you free up valuable time for you and your staff, which you can devote to improving operational efficiency and customer service.
  • Reduced operating costs: with the help of a single free tool, you’ll gain access to all the features you need to optimize your accommodation’s performance, without impacting your budget.