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Successful check-in and check-out

35 steps to deliver a top-notch check-in and check-out experience (CHECKLIST).

Optimize performance
Enhanced experience
Avoid errors

What you will find inside the checklist

  • 1

    During check-in

    Check-in is the time when your guests first experience your hospitality. At the same time, it represents an important organizational step for your facility. By following the steps in the checklist, your staff will easily manage both aspects.

  • 2

    During check-out

    Just as the first impression is important, the last memory also matters. During check-out, it will be crucial to let guests leave with a smile and finish the paperwork associated with their stay. Thanks to the checklist, you won't miss a single step.

  • 3

    A resource to print out

    The checklist will only be truly effective if you know how to incorporate it into your everyday work. The best way to do this is to print it out and keep it on your reception desk. Your staff will be able to consult it at any time and have the confidence that no mistakes will be made.

Make check-in and check-out easy

Managing check-in and check-out is not easy: there are many things to be done, and the staff must always have a smile on their face. The best way to manage these activities? Use a checklist!

Successful check-in and check-out - Smartpricing

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  • To use the checklist effectively, it is important to carefully follow all the steps contained within. Train staff to check each activity in the order presented, without skipping any.

  • Introducing new tools and procedures could throw your staff off balance. They may see it as a tool of excessive control and a sign of lack of trust in them. Don’t worry! Explain to them that the purpose of the checklist is to make their work easier and free their minds from having to remember what to do. This will enable them to work more calmly and experience less stress.

  • The checklist covers every aspect of the check-in and check-out phases, including:

    • Time before arrival
    • Welcoming guests
    • Assigning the room
    • Payment
    • Upselling and cross-selling services
    • Listening to feedback on departure
    • Paperwork