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How to upsell at every moment of the stay (without stressing guests)

The checklist for selling more extra services, in the most pleasant way for guests

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What you’ll find inside the checklist:

  • 1

    How to plan for upselling

    To avoid being forced or intrusive, upselling must be carefully planned: from customer segmentation to staff training, this checklist has all the steps you need to get off on the right foot.

  • 2

    Focus on each phase

    What is the right time to offer extra services to your guests? Before arrival, at the front desk, throughout the stay, or at all of these stages? In this checklist, you will find instructions dedicated to each phase of the stay.

  • 3

    Feedback and evaluation

    Like all sales strategies, upselling needs to be monitored and constantly improved. Follow the tips in the checklist to organize feedback collection and data measurement.

Learn how to sell without being salesy

Today's customers are bombarded with constant upselling attempts. To upsell successfully, you must approach the sale discreetly and focus on adding value. How? By using this checklist!

How to upsell at every stage of the stay (without stressing guests)

Find answers to your questions!

  • Yes! In this checklist, you will find all the steps to plan your upselling strategy down to the smallest detail, which is the best strategy to help you feel more comfortable when selling. You will also find out that it is not mandatory to make your offer "in person": you can do it before the stay via email or by using information material provided in the facility.

  • Of course! This checklist is also perfect if you are new to upselling. Inside, you'll find an overview of everything to consider: steps to plan your strategy and define the best offers for your target audience; actions to take to upsell before the stay, at the reception, and during the stay; and, finally, a reminder on how to gather feedback and measure your strategy’s effectiveness.

  • Great. If you already have a well-rehearsed upselling strategy, you can use this checklist to compare it with your own process and, possibly, find new insights to improve more and more.