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Techniques and ideas for creating hotel packages that attract guests

The guide to differentiating your offering by creating irresistible hotel packages

More bookings
More revenue
More loyalty

What you’ll find inside the guide:

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    5-step strategy

    Relying on intuition or following current trends is not enough to create attractive hotel packages. The only way to succeed is to follow a strategy: in this guide, you will find the five basic steps to take and mistakes to avoid in the concept phase.

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    Examples and practical ideas

    If you have never created hotel packages before, having access to practical examples and insights can make all the difference. In this guide you will find the four main types of hotel packages and numerous ideas for creating the best offer to your customers.

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    How to promote your offer

    One of the main mistakes that lead hoteliers to think that hotel packages "don't work" is the lack of proper promotion, which is necessary to reach more potential customers. Here you will find tips on the most effective promotional methods to use for your packages.

Make a difference with packages

Would you like more occupancy, more revenue, more happy guests, more value for your hotel? It's all at your fingertips: follow our guide and create your first hotel package!

Techniques and ideas for creating hotel packages that attract guests | Smartpricing

Find answers to your questions!

  • Yes! As you will read in the guide, the secret to creating effective hotel packages is not the amount of services... but the added value you will be able to create. That's why we have included numerous examples of hotel packages for all needs, including yours!

  • Of course! You will be able to use this guide to go over your experience with hotel packages and figure out exactly whether you made mistakes in customer segmentation, the type of package you created, or in communicating the offer to potential new guests. Based on what you read, you will be able to tell if hotel packages are not really for you or if it is worth giving it another try!

  • Of course! According to recent research, 49% of tourists are open to buying hotel packages...however, many hoteliers avoid them because they are afraid of the challenging management. In your case, packages could be a perfect lever of differentiation if you want to attract new customers as well! Within the guide, you will also find a section dedicated to repeat guests.