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Calculate your bottom rate, the easy way

The Excel spreadsheet to get your exact bottom rate without a calculator.

Find your bottom rate
Make better decisions
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What you will find inside the spreadsheet:

  • 1

    A simple table

    We wanted to create as simple and ready-to-use a resource as possible. Inside you will also find instructions for exactly which values to enter in the different fields.

  • 2

    Automatic results

    Forget long and complex calculations! This Excel sheet contains formulas tested by us to generate results automatically. You only have to enter the correct data to get the numbers you need in real-time.

  • 3

    A decision-making tool

    You cannot rely on instinct to determine your prices. You need to establish fixed points and, from those, establish a strategy. The bottom rate is just the place to start! With this table, you can immediately make your pricing more profitable and increase the effectiveness of your pricing strategy with thoughtful decisions.

Forget the fear of underselling rooms

Working below cost can undermine your facility's margins. The only way not to lose out is to know your minimum rate: with this Excel you'll calculate it quickly and without error!

Bottom rate calculation table (minimum rate) - Smartpricing

Find answers to your questions!

  • The bottom rate allows you to set the limit below which it no longer pays to sell a room, consequently it helps you not to lose money.

    At the same time, knowing it also allows you to derive the higher prices with greater awareness and confidence.

  • The bottom rate is calculated from the average marginal cost per room. To this value, you add the markup that you deem the minimum essential to ensure the economic viability of your business.

    Thanks to our Excel table, you can do these calculations much more quickly and intuitively.

  • You will need to keep these data at hand: number of rooms, days open, total rooms occupied in a year, total variable costs, and total fixed costs. If you need a hand in accurately calculating variable costs and fixed costs, you can download our ready-made Excel file!