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How to calculate your hotel costs

A ready-to-use Excel file that allows you to work out your property's costs.

Simplifies your job
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What you will find inside the Excel file:

  • 1

    Fixed and variable costs

    How much does it cost you to list a room for sale? How do you calculate fixed and variable costs? With our spreadsheet, finding answers to these questions has never been easier.

  • 2

    Average cost per night

    Running a lodging business is not easy, especially if you struggle to always have a clear picture of your costs. This Excel spreadsheet allows you to quickly calculate the average cost per night of your rooms and know exactly how much you're making.

  • 3

    Zero Calculations

    If math has never been your strong suit, don't worry, this Excel file contains our tested and predefined formulas: you just enter the figures for individual expense items and the result is calculated automatically. The perfect way to avoid mistakes while saving time and energy.

Simplify the calculation of your hotel expenses!

Stop breaking your head behind calculations that don't add up: in this Excel you'll find ready-made formulas to monitor all your facility costs, make better decisions about your strategy, and earn more money.

How to calculate hotel costs - Smartpricing

Find answers to your questions!

  • Inside the Excel sheet you will find three worksheets. The first is called "Instructions for Use" and contains all the directions for using the file. Then you will find a tab devoted to calculating Fixed Costs and one for Variable Costs. Remember that the cost items and numbers you will find are just examples; you will be the one to enter the exact data for your facility.

  • Sure, we have created a file with all the standard cost items to make it suitable for various types of facilities. Once downloaded you can remove items that are unnecessary for you or add new ones based on your specific needs.

  • If you already have a spreadsheet where you track all your expenses, great job! By downloading this Excel file you can compare it with yours, cross-checking the accuracy of formulas and results.