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How to diversify revenue in your hotel in 13 steps

All the steps to follow and the best inspirations for creating new sources of revenue for your hotel (CHECKLIST)

More loyalty
Stay competitive
More stability

What you’ll find inside the checklist:

  • 1

    13 practical steps

    Diversifying your revenue is a challenging, time- and resource-consuming decision, but it is also a strategic one, because the success of your hotel is at stake. In this checklist you will find all the steps to follow, from preliminary study to performance measurement, to avoid any mistakes.

  • 2

    8 strategies

    Opportunities to diversify revenues are manifold and depend on the type of hotel, clientele, and location. However, there are some tried-and-true options that you should consider as a starting point before choosing a strategy tailored to you. In this checklist, you will find the best eight!

  • 3

    5 hotels to follow

    It's one thing to envision new strategies to implement, it's another to be able to see them already put into practice. That's why we've collected five examples of outstanding hotels that have already made revenue diversification the key to their success. Get inspired!

Get your hotel on the safe side: diversify!

Depending only on overnight stays is increasingly risky, and finding new sources of income is a must if you want to ensure stability and competitiveness. Get started now!

How to diversify revenue in your hotel in 13 steps | Smartpricing

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  • The main skill required to use this checklist is a desire to improve your facility! Inside, in fact, you will find everything you need to figure out the right strategy and put it into practice: from steps to conduct a preliminary study to ready-to-copy ideas to tips on how to monitor and analyze performance.

  • Of course! The hotel industry has always been volatile, but since the pandemic, it has been clear that the "old" rules are no longer sufficient. Personalized services, experiences, contactless payments, bleisure travel: responding to new demands is critical for anyone who wants to maintain their position in the market. The proof? Inside the checklist you will find five examples of top hotels that have already committed to revenue diversification!

  • Yes! In the checklist you will find a section entirely dedicated to performance monitoring and analysis, where you can compare your measurement methods with those suggested. You will also be able to browse eight of the most recommended diversification strategies and links to five top hotels from which you can get inspiration to expand or refine your strategy!