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Hotel market segmentation: a practical guide to start from scratch

Instructions and practical examples for market segmentation in hotels, B&Bs, resorts and vacation rentals.

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What you will find in this resource:

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    Market segmentation for hospitality facilities is a vast methodology with many variations in application. To keep you from getting lost among the wealth of information available, we have gathered only the basics you need to get started in this guide.

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    Real-world examples

    Theory is one thing...putting it into practice is another! The basic notions are indispensable, but if you have no experience in segmentation you will need real examples to clear up your ideas. Here you will find many typical cases, already divided by type of accommodation.

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    Practical instructions

    Inside the guide you will find a practical six-step checklist that will help you ask yourself the right questions to create your customer segments from scratch, quickly and easily.

Segmenting goes hand in hand with billing

Using segmentation for your hotel means knowing and predicting guests' needs, optimizing your offering, and always attracting new customers. In a word: increasing revenue!

Hotel market segmentation - Smartpricing

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  • Approaching market segmentation can be challenging because of the breadth of concepts involved and the multiple segmentation categories to consider. In this guide you will find only the basics and, more importantly, numerous concrete examples of segments broken down by type of accommodation. This will make it easier to understand the mechanism and apply it effectively.

  • The time it takes to perform basic market segmentation can vary depending on several factors, including the availability of source data, the complexity of your market, and the resources you can devote to the segmentation process. However, in general, you can complete a basic segmentation within a few days for a small facility or a few weeks for a medium-sized one.

  • Absolutely! Market segmentation is a very useful tool for any hospitality facility, regardless of type or size. In this guide you will find real-world examples of segmentation for hotels, B&Bs, resorts, vacation homes, and campgrounds.