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18 questions to reduce resistance to change in hotels

A guided path to recognizing, managing, and overcoming fear of change.

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What you'll find inside the resource:

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    Questions for you

    Even before manifesting itself in a hospitality organization, resistance to change comes as a personality trait of those who manage it. In this self-assessment you'll find the right questions to ask yourself to analyze your approach, identifying the root causes of fear of change.

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    Questions for your hotel

    In order not to be overcome by the fear of change, you need to think deeply about the "here and now" of your hotel. Here you will find questions to free yourself from habit-driven automatisms and assess whether and how much change could contribute positively to your success.

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    To better grasp the real scope of change, it is essential to know how to measure it. If you decide to implement improvement measures in your facility, here you can find the right questions and tools to evaluate them.

Change before you have to

In the changing hospitality industry, there is one skill that makes the difference between success and failure: being able to adapt and evolve. How good are you at it? Put yourself to the test now!

18 questions to reduce resistance to change in hotels - Smartpricing

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  • Of course! Through the 18 questions, you can challenge your approach to change and discover that even if you don't feel overt resistance, there may be areas where you are limiting yourself without even realizing it. You'll be able to let yourself be guided in exploring new opportunities for growth and development or take stock of the change initiatives you've undertaken so far, gaining useful insights to measure their effectiveness even more accurately.

  • Yes! The questions you find within the guide are designed to investigate your approach to change and to identify any possible new opportunities, large or small. Whether it's optimizing existing resources or setting your long-term growth goals, these questions will help you gain clarity and move forward in a more informed way.

  • The best way to maintain your position and ensure lasting success is to be proactive and not just reactive in times of need. Even though you may think you have no need for it right now, exploring your approach to change and trying to identify new perspectives is the best exercise to prepare yourself for every possible scenario.