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How to master cleaning your rooms

Find out how to clean without forgetting anything (CHECKLIST).

Ready to print
Increases efficiency
Saves valuable time

What you will find inside the checklist:

  • 1

    Efficient cleaning

    Would you like to clean your facility more efficiently? By carefully planning this activity you will save time that you can devote to other things. Download the checklist and get there!

  • 2

    No more forgetfulness

    How many times have you been cleaning a room and only realized later that you missed something? With this checklist we guarantee that you will never forget anything again.

  • 3

    What to clean

    You know better than we do that cleanliness is always essential, no doubt about that. But where to start? Is there an order to follow? Our checklist includes 38 points, download it now to finesse your cleaning.

State-of-the-art room cleaning

90% of travelers say they would not book a property reviewed as "dirty." Want to make sure you avoid this stain on your reputation? Follow this checklist and you'll never go wrong!

How to master cleaning your rooms - Smartpricing

Find answers to your questions!

  • If you already use a checklist, well done! We suggest you download this one as well and compare it with yours and see if there are any points you can add to raise your level of excellence even higher.

  • Explain to them that the checklist is not for checking how they work. On the contrary, it is a tool to increase efficiency, standardize service, and save time. By following a checklist they will feel more confident about not missing anything and will perform their task with greater peace of mind.

  • No one knows your rooms better than you do, and we are sure that the cleanliness you offer is always at its best. However, it may happen that you are in a hurry or overthinking: we suggest you download the checklist and try to use it to be sure that you eliminate any margin for error.