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How to respond to reviews

Practical guide and ready-to-use response templates.

Be prepared
Response templates
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What you will find inside this guide:

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    Replies are important

    By responding to a review you show that you respect your guests' needs and make a great impression on potential customers who read them. Not bad if you want to attract new travelers!

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    How to respond well

    Responding is not easy, especially when it comes to a negative review. With this practical guide, find out what and how to respond to every review, even the least flattering ones.

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    Ready-to-use templates

    Have you tried to respond to every review, but it takes forever? Not anymore! With our ready-to-use response templates, you can copy-paste a prewritten text and save time.

Reviews influence your prices

Did you know that just one extra point in reviews can yield +11% on the selling price of rooms? Responding to reviews has become an art to master: read this guide to be prepared!

How to respond to reviews - Smartpricing

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  • Yes! It's an act of courtesy to those who have taken the time to compliment you, but more importantly, it's a unique opportunity to personally introduce yourself to all the potential clients who will read you as well. You will come across as thoughtful and present and convey more confidence. That will translate into more numerous bookings.

  • In the guide you will find helpful tips on how to respond to each type of review and an example (template) written by us that shows you, how to apply the tips in practice to write the best possible response! For each review, then, you can go back and look at our tips and find a ready-to-use cue.

  • The best way is... to ask for them! You can always do this at check-out, but we recommend that you come "prepared." Already be present and interested in guests' opinions about the quality of your services during the stay itself: asking for a confirmation at check-out will be both a polite gesture and an opportunity to invite them to write a review.