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Pre-Stay Upselling: techniques and tools to generate more revenue

The guide to making the most of the pre-stay period by selling extra services

Detect needs
Enhance experience
Increase revenue

What you’ll find inside this guide:

  • 1

    Communication techniques

    How can you communicate your offer of extra services via email before guests arrive, avoiding the "spam" effect? In this guide, you will find a three-step communication strategy, complete with a timeline and templates to inspire you.

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    Technological tools

    From using CRM to identify upselling opportunities to creating a dedicated platform: in this guide, you will find an overview of how to leverage technology to make your pre-stay upselling offer more effective.

  • 3

    Important KPIs

    Upselling is a strategy that requires careful monitoring, not only to measure its success, but also to capture any possible insights for improvement. In this guide, you will find the most important KPIs to keep an eye on, from TrevPAR to upsell rate, along with formulas for calculating them.

The right time is before!

By offering your extra services in the pre-stay phase, you not only generate more revenue, but you anticipate guests' needs, improve their experience, and facilitate sales by taking the pressure off check-in. Get started now!

Pre-stay upselling: techniques and tools to generate more revenue - Smartpricing

Find answers to your questions!

  • Yes! If you already have an offer of extra products and services, email can be enough to start pre-stay upselling. In this guide, you will find the three steps to take between booking and arrival at the facility, with timelines for sending emails and templates to inspire you.

  • The time between booking confirmation and check-in is a time of enormous potential, when many of your guests take action to seek out experiences or services to enjoy during their stay. By anticipating your offer (and their needs) before check-in, you are more likely to make the sale yourself.

  • Sure! In this guide you will find useful insights to evaluate your current strategy. Based on your goals, you can improve your communication, see what technology tools can help you, and identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor upselling progress and success.