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Smartpricing presents LAB: hands-on training for your success!

LAB is more than an academy: courses and tutorials to go straight from theory to results.

Smartpricing presents LAB training platform | Smartpricing

If the saying “Life is a test” is fitting at many times in anyone's life, for a hospitality business it is the law.

In recent years, especially since the pandemic, hosts have found themselves in a growing maelstrom of research, surveys and statistics that, in essence, all say the same thing: the industry is experiencing a revolution.

Economic and demographic factors, geopolitical tensions, climate change, new technologies and social trends have tangible consequences for the way we live and work, and the hotel industry is one area where these changes are emerging most rapidly (and all at once).

Avoiding them is impossible, but then how do we stay competitive? Equipping yourself with the right tools is the first step, but it is not enough: you need to know how to use those tools, know the market trends and the fundamental hotel "subjects." In a word, you need to invest in personal training.

That's why we created LAB, and in this article we tell you what it is!

What is LAB and what is behind its name

LAB is an online training platform dedicated to Smartpricing customers, and when the time came to give it a name, we quickly realized that "Academy" would not be enough to define it.

So we chose LAB, which stands for "Learn, Advance, Boost," and best describes a place where getting training is not only about acquiring new theoretical skills, but also knowing exactly how to apply them to refine your strategies and boost your lodging business.

What's more, LAB stands for "laboratory," meaning a space in constant flux, updated every month with new resources including basic courses, advanced courses, and step-by-step video tutorials.

What LAB offers

The strength of LAB is its cross-disciplinary nature. We have chosen to offer access to a wide range of on-demand resources in a single platform, which you can choose from at any time and according to your specific needs.

Here is what they are!

Tutorials on Smartpricing

People often think that by adopting the right tool, all they have to do is put it to work and they will get the desired results. However, this is not the case: whether it is revenue management software or the latest assisted driving system, it is not possible (or at least not yet) to delegate every task to a machine.

The presence of an attentive driver capable of setting the inputs to follow is always necessary. And this is why it is essential to train yourself on the tool you have chosen to implement to ensure you not only achieve your initial goals, but also go further and continue to improve.

For this reason, on LAB, you will be able to find both video tutorials with the first steps to take on Smartpricing and a section dedicated to advanced methods.

Basic and advanced level training courses

When you have to choose a training course, you are faced with a plethora of options.

If there is a specific topic you want to explore in depth making a choice is easier, but if what you need is an overview of the most important subjects in a hospitality establishment, and you want the option of taking any course that interests you, the decision becomes more difficult.

Online courses often come at a high cost and require a substantial time commitment. On LAB, on the other hand, you can find an entire section devoted to topics in revenue management, marketing and sales techniques, from the basics to more advanced strategies.

This way you always have practical information at your fingertips, quick and immediately applicable to your accommodation.

Why is training not optional?

Before creating LAB, we poured over the questions and doubts of the more than 3,000 hoteliers who have chosen Smartpricing and realized that targeted, quality and ready-to-use training is the key to getting the best result, in the shortest possible time.

But that's not all: hosts who adopt Smartpricing and don't just “let it work”, but understand its dynamics and know how to leverage them to the highest level, can go far beyond the best result.

In addition, acquiring cross-functional skills in revenue management and marketing and grounding one's decisions in real data means enhancing one's awareness and laying the groundwork for a process of continuous growth and improvement.

Embarking on a path of this kind, where training is closely intertwined with practice, is ultimately the best way to trigger a virtuous circle that provides not only sustained economic growth, but also a newfound enthusiasm capable of transforming the usual daily routine into a more inspiring adventure with each day.