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Turn your front desk into an Upselling engine

How to master upselling at the reception desk and increase satisfaction and revenue (CHECKLIST)

Sell more
Satisfy customers
Empower your team

What you will find inside the checklist:

  • 1

    The 7 steps to closing a sale

    The reception is the right time for upselling because your guests are relaxed and eager to make the most of their stay. If you apply these 7 steps to every upselling opportunity, you will master the sale more and more spontaneously and effectively, for more satisfied customers and increased revenue.

  • 2

    How to train and motivate your team

    To be successful in upselling you need to know what you are selling, what techniques and skills to leverage, and most importantly, be motivated to do it. Learn how to empower and engage your reception team in the right way to make them proactive and effective.

  • 3

    How to measure results

    Upselling is not about "trying to sell more when it happens," but implementing a clear strategy with measurable goals. In this checklist, you'll find the most important metrics to keep an eye on to see right away if you're going in the right direction.

Turn hospitality into the engine of your sales

The vacation begins, excitement is at an all-time high: your customers are there, open to new experiences − what do you do? In this checklist, discover the right way to propose an irresistible upsell!

Turn Your Front Desk into an Upselling Engine (Checklist)

Find answers to your questions!

  • Often, even without meaning to, upselling at the front desk becomes "mechanical" and you end up pitching all the available options, hoping to meet the customer's taste. This checklist will help you refocus your upselling strategy and the way you propose it. By following all the steps, you will gain more confidence in selling, and you will never miss an opportunity again!

  • The checklist is designed specifically to give you the basic tips to start right away, as early as your next check in. If you're clear on what upsell offers to focus on and what value they bring to each customer segment, you only need to follow the 7 steps to close the sale every time you welcome a guest. If you need to train your reception team, you will also find all the directions to do it clearly and quickly.

  • Of course! Upselling is not an "all or nothing" business, and this checklist will give you the right cues to get started with even a small step. Following the suggested steps will help you discover how to better capitalize on your offer, no matter how small, and how to get the most out of each and every check-in in terms of your customers' satisfaction.