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How to convert phone calls into direct bookings

Learn how to better manage hotel phone calls and encourage disintermediation.

More retention
More revenue
More reputation

What you will find inside this guide:

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    3 phases of the phone call

    It's not enough to manage the conversation well; to convert every phone call into a direct booking, you need to structure this activity and give it the proper attention. That's why in this guide you'll find all the steps to take before, during, and after the phone call.

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    Examples and techniques

    From training your staff to the most effective words to use during the phone call, from the four best techniques for upselling over the phone to monitoring the activity, in this guide you will find not only theory, but more importantly practical insights to get started right away.

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    Mistakes to avoid

    Turning phone calls into bookings is a simple and low-cost activity. However, it lends itself to some seemingly trivial slips--that risk compromising its outcome. In this guide, you will find the four most common mistakes to watch out for!

Don't underestimate a phone call

Compounded by the pandemic, the number of customers contacting facilities directly has increased in recent years. Now is the time to take advantage if you want to increase loyalty, revenue and reputation!

How to convert phone calls into direct bookings - Smartpricing

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  • Of course! In this guide, you will find not only tips for better conversation management, but also steps if you first want to increase the number of calls from potential guests. In addition, the section with mistakes to avoid will help you identify any useful corrections to get the most out of each call.

  • In 20221, HOTREC found that 60 percent of bookings in Europe were made by contacting the hotel directly (over the phone or from the website), compared to 29 percent made through intermediaries. Even if OTAs are regaining ground, going back to valuing phone calls is one way to capitalize on this trend with an easy and low-cost solution. The key is to find a good balance between all channels!

  • Yes! Having staff to handle phone calls is a great place to start, and this guide will help you give them the right cues to pick up a few tricks and increase efficiency. The guide is ready to download and print out, so you always have it available for receptionists or to train new staff members in this activity.