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MICE in hotels: a quick guide

Ever heard of MICE? Curious to learn more about it? This short guide is for you.

MICE: the complete guide for hotels - Smartpricing

The MICE sector, which stands for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions, is a very interesting segment for the hotel industry.

In this quick guide, let's see what characterizes a hotel dedicated to the MICE market and what services it must offer in order to intercept this particular and profitable market.

What's a MICE hotel?

Hotels dedicated to the MICE segment are facilities that specialize in organizing and hosting events, or simply their participants.

They are very versatile facilities, capable of supporting the all-round organization of both a private party and large congresses.

Specifically, the types of events that MICE hotels organize and manage are:

  • Meetings: this category includes corporate meetings, round tables, workshops, seminars, and presentations.
  • Incentives: all recreational activities organized by companies to reward their employees or clients.
  • Conferences:  larger and more formal events, such as congresses, conventions and international conferences.
  • Exhibitions: exhibitions and fairs where companies display their products or services to potential customers and business partners.

Why the MICE market is important to the hospitality industry

The MICE market plays a crucial role for hotels because it contributes significantly to the industry's overall revenue and is a valuable source of income.

In fact, MICE events can bring added value to the industry in several ways, including the following.

They are a stable source of revenue

Events such as corporate meetings, conferences, and trade shows attract business customers who usually require accommodations for longer periods than leisure travelers.

This results in multiple reservations for rooms and food services, providing a stable source of revenue for the hotel.

In addition, business guests tend to spend more on additional services and amenities, such as high-speed Wi-Fi connections, laundry services, room service and other conveniences, further increasing revenue for the hotel.

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They increase occupancy during the off-season

MICE events can be an effective solution to combat tourist seasonality.

Many tourist destinations go through periods of low affluence, but MICE events can help hotels maintain good occupancy even during these times.

This means that the hotel can continue to operate profitably throughout the year without experiencing large seasonal fluctuations.

They improve customer loyalty

MICE events offer hotels the opportunity to build lasting relationships with guests and event organizers.

By offering impeccable service, state-of-the-art facilities, and an unforgettable experience, hotels can win the trust and loyalty of customers who may choose to return for future events or leisure trips.

They stimulate the local economy

Last but not least, MICE events also benefit the local economy.

Indeed, conferences and trade shows attract delegates, exhibitors and attendees from different parts of the world, generating significant tourist flows.

These visitors need catering, transportation, shopping and entertainment services, contributing to the local economy and boosting trade in the area.

The benefits of the MICE market for your hotel

The MICE market is constantly expanding and presents many opportunities for hotels that decide to invest in this segment.

Here are some of the main benefits the MICE market can bring to your hotel.

You can diversify your service offerings

Adding services and infrastructure dedicated to MICE events allows hotels to tap into a business and corporate clientele, in addition to the traditional tourist clientele.

This diversification can help balance tourist seasonality and increase the hotel's economic stability.

You can expand your customer base

The MICE market attracts a wide range of customers, from businesses to nonprofits, from associations to government agencies. 

This diversity offers hotels the opportunity to expand their customer base and establish long-term relationships with organizers who may return in the future. 

In addition, MICE events often involve participants from abroad, allowing hotels to expand their visibility and reach new markets.

Are you in a niche location? You can use it to your advantage

The MICE market is not just limited to big cities.

Niche destinations such as historic places, coastal locations, or rural areas can also attract thematic events or specific market sectors.

For example, a hotel located in a wine area can become an ideal destination for food and wine-related events.

The ability to specialize in certain market sectors allows hotels to differentiate themselves and become focal points for specific events.

You can create new packages

MICE hotels can offer full-service packages that include lodging, event space, catering services, extracurricular activities, and logistical support.

These packages simplify event organization for organizers because everything is handled from a single point of contact.

This all-inclusive approach can increase the attractiveness of the hotel and improve the overall experience for attendees.

You can make your pricing more profitable

The biggest opportunity offered by the MICE market undoubtedly relates to revenue.

Indeed, securing an in-house event can significantly improve your revenue management and dynamic pricing strategy.

Try to think about it.

If your hotel has 100 rooms and, thanks to an internal event, 50 of those rooms will be occupied by attendees, you can operate as if you were a hotel of only 50 rooms.

As a result, your rate flexibility and responsiveness to external events (weather, demand pressure) will be much higher.

You will be able to do all this knowing that you have the "hard core" of revenues already guaranteed by MICE revenue.

If you want to learn more about these topics, read our complete guide to revenue management.

The features of a MICE hotel

MICE hotels are distinguished by a number of key features that make them suitable for hosting successful events.

Let's see what they are.

Flexible spaces

Facilities should be able to offer large modular meeting rooms that can be adapted to accommodate groups of different sizes.

These rooms should be equipped with movable walls or partitioning solutions, allowing them to create customized environments for smaller meetings or larger events.


A MICE hotel should provide state-of-the-art technology equipment, including interactive screens, video projectors, powerful sound systems, and high-speed Wi-Fi connections.

In addition, dedicated technical staff should be available to assist during the set-up and execution of events.

Extra spaces

If you want to target the incentives segment (but not only), a MICE hotel should have outdoor or indoor spaces for team-building and socializing activities.

These spaces allow participants to relax and interact in an informal setting, stimulating collaboration and group cohesion.

Food & beverage services

MICE hotels offer customized catering services to meet the diverse needs of event participants.

This includes the ability to choose from a wide range of menus and food options, from power breakfasts to light lunches and gala dinners.

Catering can also be adapted to meet dietary restrictions, food preferences and cultural requirements.

Business center

This is an area equipped with computers, printers and secretarial services.

Depending on the occasion and type of event, it may be appropriate to complement these with translation and interpretation services for international participants.

Dedicated support

Any respectable MICE hotel provides a dedicated team that works with organizers to plan and organize every aspect of the event.

From the time of booking to the conclusion of the event, the support team ensures that everything runs smoothly and that participants' needs are met without fail.

Other factors

In addition to the features just listed, there are other elements that make a MICE hotel truly special and successful.

The two most important ones are listening to customers and the ability to offer tailored solutions.

Only by listening can the needs, desires, and goals of the event organizer be fully understood.

By listening and understanding the client's requirements, a tailor-made service can then be offered.

This can include adapting meeting rooms and exhibition spaces to the specific needs of the event, creating customized catering menus, and designing unique extra activities to engage guests.

Technology and innovation in the MICE industry

MICE hotels must be at the forefront of offering technological and innovative tools to simplify the organization of events.

Examples could be online registration, tools for participant interaction and networking, and immersive technologies.

Online registration and self check-in are now necessary in organizing an event.

They greatly simplify the check-in process for guests by reducing queues and waiting times.

MICE hotels can implement self check-in systems that allow attendees to self-register upon arrival through touch-screen devices or smartphones, and make the experience more efficient and comfortable.

During the event itself, interaction technologies such as real-time polls and electronic voting can actively engage attendees and gather immediate feedback

Add to these networking and socialization tools and you can enable participants to connect with each other, exchange contacts, and initiate discussions before, during, and after the event. 

These tools facilitate the creation of new professional relationships and increase the overall value of the event.

Immersive technologies deserve a separate paragraph. 

Nowadays, a hotel that wants to target the MICE industry needs to think seriously about how to leverage virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to enrich the customer experience. 

For example, during a trade show, it can show potential event organizers its rooms and spaces through electronic viewers.

In this way, a potential MICE customer can explore hotel environments remotely and get the information they need faster.

The MICE segment represents a great opportunity for the hotel industry.

If you want to invest in this area and get the first benefits right away, start by optimizing your price management.

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