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Our PDF Guides

Free, practical resources for your lodging establishment on revenue management, marketing and communications.

Business Plan Template for Hotels - Smartpricing

Guide to writing a business plan

Step-by-step instructions and Excel file to write your first business plan

Hotel market segmentation - Smartpricing

Hotel market segmentation: a practical guide to start from scratch

Instructions and practical examples for market segmentation in hotels, B&Bs, resorts and vacation rentals.

Guest satisfaction questionnaire for hotels - Smartpricing

How to create the perfect guest questionnaire

The right questions to gather valuable data and increase guest satisfaction (and your revenue).

50 steps to boost your hospitality business’ revenue - Smartpricing

50 steps to boost your hospitality business’ revenue

OTAs, upselling, partnerships and more: everything you need to know to grow and beat the competition.

Bottom rate calculation table (minimum rate) - Smartpricing

Calculate your bottom rate, the easy way

The Excel spreadsheet to get your exact bottom rate without a calculator.

Calculator reservation history - Smartpricing

Calculate your reservation history and predict the future!

Download the free Excel spreadsheet to calculate the data history in your accommodation facility.

Calculator of potential earnings with Upgrades - Smartpricing

Calculator of potential earnings with Upgrades

Download the Excel sheet to calculate your potential earnings from selling room Upgrades.

How to calculate hotel costs - Smartpricing

How to calculate your hotel costs

A ready-to-use Excel file that allows you to work out your property's costs.

How to do revenue management with regulars - Smartpricing

How to do revenue management with regulars (without losing them)

5 tips (+ bonus) that will solve price management with legacy customers forever.