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The intelligent Smartpricing algorithms manage the prices of your accommodation facility and increase your turnover by up to 30%.

icona over 2 Mln of bookings managed in one day
icona 98,9% satisfied customers
icona +22% average increase in customer turnover

5 reasons you'll love Smartpricing

By reacting instantly to demand fluctuations, your hotel automatically captures more opportunities for revenue generation—our clients average +22% revenue since adopting Smartpricing.

Our small-medium independent hotel clients have saved up to 500 hours a year on chores like revenue management, allowing more time for looking after the property, staff and guests.

By regularly adjusting prices on booking sites, you’ll significantly increase visibility on those channels and automatically generate more bookings.

Set minimum and maximum room rates at any time (from any device) by accessing our cloud platform. It’s easy and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Ask questions and resolve any problems through the professional revenue manager supporting your business from day one.


Choosing the optimal rate for your rooms is complex

Smartpricing’s algorithms optimize prices based on crucial data like competitor rates, booking activity, and search volume—and publish those prices on all your sales channels in real time

How Smartpricing works

We Analyse The software monitors hotel & market data and assesses your facility’s performance over 100 times a day, with zero oversight required.
We Calculate Smart algorithms generate the most profitable rate based on current demand, availability, trends and historical data.
We Publish Optimal prices for all room types are automatically published across your website and OTAs, in real time.

Learn and grow

Master revenue management and get the most out of your bookings with advice from the Smartpricing team. Whether you prefer to read or watch, you can explore invaluable tips & strategies for making your accommodation more profitable than ever.

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Grow Faster From Today

With insights from Smartpricing’s revenue management and marketing experts, finding the inspiration and tools to improve your strategies and processes has never been this easy. Enjoy free, game-changing insights on topics like revenue management, digital marketing, advertising, social media, team management and finding success in the world of hospitality.


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